In the beginning…there was a cat…


So this is my first time doing a blog, I’m not sure how well I will be able to keep up, but I guess I needed some kind of a project, other than pathophys, so here we go. I’m Kaitlyn, I’m 22, and a grad student at the University of Florida getting my Masters in Nurse Midwifery. I can’t wait to deliver babies and be YOUR next nurse practitioner! Its about 8:45am, and I’m impressed I am even up right now; if I don’t have class, I’m usually still sleeping till 10am at the earliest, even when there is construction right outside my window. Me being up probably had something to do with Lio (the little cat) jumping on me and waking me up. I heard the toilet running, and since the chain inside has been coming off a lot lately, I figured it had been running for hours, so I got up to fix it, but found the chain was in place, and the toilet had actually just been flushed. My immediate thought was someone must have broken in and used my bathroom, since I don’t have roommates, but after getting into ninja mode and finding no intruder, the only possible toilet flushing culprit was, strangely, the cat.

Yeah say what you want, cats can’t flush the toilet, whatever, who says they can’t? He was probably climbing on it, maybe trying to drink from the bowl (I wouldn’t be surprised) and I’m sure his foot hit the handle. It probably scared the crap out of him, causing him to run and jump back into bed. He is such a funny cat. The last few nights he has been such a pain in the ass whining, and crying, and wailing, jumping at the front door, begging to go out side. So I hook his leash on him, and we walk around the neighborhood. Yup, I walk my cat. I half expect him to just lift his leg and pee. When people see me with an animal on a leash, they seem to assume it is a small dog at first, and then they get closer, and I can hear the surprised comments “Hey, she’s got a cat on that leash!” Yeah, well he if he fetches a ball, does tricks for treats, and apparently barks (per my parents, but I have yet to hear it) so he might as well go for walks too. If it walks like a dog, and acts like a dog, then…? I’ll be taking him and Diesel for walks together before you know it. Ok so, I guess its time to get up and start the day with some Yoga X, then study a few hours before class, three hours in the lab, then study a few more hours till Greys. Thanks for reading my very first blog, we’ll see how this goes. Have a great day!!


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