Nothing fancy, Just Thanks Giving…

Happy Thanksgiving to anybody that happens to come across this post. I have certainly been slacking in my blogging, so I figured I would switch it up from putting a bunch of health mambo jumbo, and write out some thoughts from lately. Well first off, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my amazing family and boyfriend. We went out to the boonies of Plant City, where my aunt has a little farm. It was a great vacation, with some much-needed rest and relaxation. I often find myself unable to really let people in my life know how I feel about them. Sure, I say “I love you” and whatnot, but truly expressing feelings has not necessarily been a significant quality in our family. We know we all love each other, and typically express it through enjoying our time with one another when we can. So here is my post to really let those people I love know how I REALLY feel….

To my Mother…with so many roles you play in my life, I don’t know where to begin…my giver of life, my guardian, my nurse, my comfort, and my best friend. My world would be upside down if I didn’t have you. Although Dad is my hero, you are my angel. After 22 years, one of my favorite places in the world is still in your arms. Some of my greatest struggles in life, I had you by my side to give me strength. Even at my greatest successes in life, I still credit you for giving me strength. I admire everything about you mother, your wisdom, your courage, your beauty…the list goes on and on. You are my rock, my conscience, my guidance, my primary support in everything I do. There is nothing I feel I can’t tell you, and I am so fortunate to have such an incredible bond with you. I feel there is no better friend for a woman than her mother, and I am blessed beyond words to have such a beautiful, amazing woman in my life.

To my Father…My hero, my superman. I think you are one of the most brilliant people I have ever met. When asked who my heroes are, without a doubt, the first person that comes to mind is you. It never ceases to amaze me your clever skills, ideas, and overall use of common sense. Whenever I am faced with a tough situation, I step aside and think “Well how would my Dad handle this?” and most of the time, problem solved. I look up to you in ways that you could never imagine; I can only hope to be as awesome as you are. Not only are you so multi-talented, Dad, but I always know how much you love our family. You have provided us with extraordinary love, and a sense of comfort in knowing that you will always be there to do whatever you can to make our lives better. Little do you know, that just having you in our lives is one of the best things anyone could ever ask for.

To my Alan…my incredible boyfriend. The love of my life. It has only been 7 years, but I feel like I have known you forever. You know everything about me, from what I will order on a menu to the way I react to things. We have been through so much in our relationship, I feel that nothing can tear us apart. I could not think of a better definition of a soul mate than the relationship I have with you, and it is a bond that I hope we share forever. I know how much you hate corny things like this, so I’m keeping it short, but I wanted you to know that I could go on forever telling you how much I love you, and what a special person you are in my life.

To my sister Kimberly…you are a musical masterpiece in and of itself. I love telling people that my little sister is a musical genius, and counting off the impressive list of instruments you play. Your passion for music is so admirable, and listening to you playing flute is one of my favorite past times, in particular, one of your first performances, playing A Whole New World. Although as sisters, we could not be more different, I hope you know how proud I am of you and all that you do. Growing up, I could not have asked for a better companion and best friend. As adults, I love watching as our futures unfold, and though our journey through life takes very different paths, I know that they will forever be alongside each other, and will always lead back to our home.

To my brother Dominick…my little baby brother, all big and grown up, literally! I can remember how easily you could play the role of my baby doll, and competing with Kim for who got to hold you. Now you tower over me, and the days when I could tickle you and beat you up are long gone. Not only have you grown physically, but you have developed a personality and character that cracks me up and I really enjoy hanging out with you. Although I miss the days when we knew everything there was to know about Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, and laughed at silly parts from the Jungle Book, I really love watching you rock out on your drum, and making such smooth music with your sax. Like Kim, you have such a great skill at making music that is not only a pleasure to listen to, but so impressive to watch as you fuel your tunes with passion.

My best friend, my AlliMama. I can still remember back to the days of freshman year of college, going to Starbucks with you, looking like a total New Yorker, with the coolest hats, scarves, gloves, sunglasses, EVERYTHING! Obviously if I can find another person with illegal Argentinian documentation, we were meant to be best friends. Fast forward to the days of delicious brownies, broken hearts, and David Guetta. Junior year brought new faces, new romances, new career goals, and the mysteries of the Ouija board. Come Senior year…well. Let’s not even get started on that madness. How was it that I got through 18 years of my life without you in it? I can’t even begin to tell you how incredibly blessed I feel for having such a loving, caring, overwhelming burst of a best friend like you. I hate how our lives have brought us to different parts of the state, and our schedules are so hectic that we have no catch up time, but regardless, I have never once felt like we were growing apart in our friendship, and I feel that is what takes people beyond the level of friendship, and making them more like sisters.

With no less love and tenderness, but getting tired of being so sappy for one post….I have been so fortunate to be blessed with wonderful friends throughout the years that I have shared some crazy awesome moments with. Through thick and thin, you know I gotcha back!! A great saying by Bernard Meltzer pretty much sums up the fantastic group of friends I have: “A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.”


One thought on “Nothing fancy, Just Thanks Giving…

  1. Kaitlyn, I love you so much. You are still precious and fragile to me. You had me in tears reading how intelligent and sensitive you are. Although you try to be hard on the outside, I know you are a marshmellow on the inside (with peanut butter). I’m so proud of you. Are are so smart and inquisite and funny. We can always make you laugh when you are made. Everyone of my family members admire my children as much as I love you. Im’ so glad we get to spend the holidays together. Keep up the great work. I love you very much Kait, my little tiny kewpie doll, little mermaid, lover of books. ❤ Mommy

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